"Write Great Resumes Faster" Continuing Education Quiz
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The single most important thing you can do as part of the pre-writing process is:
Define a deadline when the resume needs to be finished
Make sure the client has answered all the questions on your questionnaire
Identify a clear job target for the client
None of the above
When collecting client information:
Only ask questions you will use
Focus on accomplishments, not job responsibilities
Remember that the more information you collect, the longer it will take to sort through and start writing
All of the above
Which of these is NOT part of "Planning Your Work"?
Organizing the information
Finding 2-3 sample resumes with the same job target
Researching the client's job target
Visualizing the structure of the resume before you start writing
Technology can speed up the resume writing process. This can include:
Working on improving your typing speed
Learning how to use shortcuts, macros, and style sheets in Microsoft Word
Changing the default font for when you open a new Word document
All of the above
Research can help you collect better information. Which of these sites are recommended:
Occupational Outlook Handbook (http://www.bls.gov/ooh/)
O*Net (http://www.onetonline.org/)
Wikipedia (http://www.wikipedia.org/)
Both A and B
The number one reason why you might find yourself stuck when writing a resume is:
You're missing important information from the client
You have too many client projects you're working on simultaneously
You have an unclear job target for the client
Both A and C
When deciding whether to include something in the resume or not, ask yourself:
Is it relevant to the job target?
Would it help entice the reader to invite the client for the interview
Will adding this information make the resume go onto a second page
A and B only
"The Puzzle Strategy" includes:
Determining a length for the resume before you start writing it (like you'd identify a puzzle's size before putting it together)
Putting the "edges" of the resume together first (easy stuff, like education and affiliations) to build the resume framework
Loosening up your creative juices by playing a computer game or working a puzzle before starting to write the resume
Typing up an "instruction guide" for the resume with all the "same-sized" client information
Which of these questions can you ask yourself to get unstuck when writing the client resume?
What is the most important thing this client does to help his company make money?
How is success measured in this field?
What exactly am I stuck on?
All of the above.
When "using your client as inspiration," which of these is a strategy to get unstuck?
Asking the right questions
Finding the answer in the information the client has already given you
Putting yourself in the client's shoes
All of the above
On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate this training (1-low; 10 high)
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